Just Flow With The Go!

Jungle Onion
4 min readJan 14, 2020

Just flow with the go is I guess the sometimes backwards mentality some of us have in blockchain/crypto communities when we don’t participate or engage in them and are invested in the native cryptocurrency. Sometimes we let time decide what will happen with the project instead of taking action. We often think that engaging constructively in communities is time consuming and in fact it is, so we tend to think that if you just wait for someone to do something, the project will thrive and well moon basically. 🌝

It depends in the nature of the blockchain project of course but in community based projects, not engaging constructively leaves the project’s faith in hands of a few that can skew the whole thing at the end of the day so it becomes dangerous not engaging constructively. Most of us think that by showing full unconditional support in words and sharing social media posts, participating in bounties or even by mining a coin we are already contributing constructively.

Or that by not questioning the present market conditions and circumstances, we fail to see how blockchain ideals are battling against the greed driven model we are so conditioned to. Personally I, see this greedy M.O or whatever, in Bitcoin whales and obviously across the board of popular altcoins, let alone, crypto pyramid schemes but nonetheless, what’s dangerous about this is that is inherited from the dysfunctional model imposed by a debt driven economy we’re living in still to this day. Debt and greed go in hand so well. 😈

So really engaging constructively in communities should also come hand in hand with a shift in perspective and mindset, but I don’t think it’s a topic that most people care about. It’s the topic of ethic and moral principles. Without the sense of moral principles and what actually means to be ethic in the industry, everyone will do whatever they want whenever they want and that’s how it’s been for quite some time, the wild wild crypto west. Crypto scams have been taking advantage of the average investor since the inception of alts, people sell at profit dumping the market, wealth is redistributed and concentrated, and so on. Because of this, it’s in the best interest of people driven by greed to keep communities ignorant (blinded) or satisfied superficially, I’m almost thinking is the same thing politicians do, and religions do that’s fucking great. 🤫

I mean anyways, talking about moral principles is not just an idealistic way of seeing reality, is not just utopic concepts, wishful thinking. Thanks to blockchain, we have the opportunity as a society to leverage the technology and have the sole focus of eradicating corruption. If we could agree that eradicating corruption is the number one priority, we could make a generational change in humanity. To me, that’s mooning. We have the technology to make what once was utopic, our reality. But the Ills of the debt poison in modern society is something we all need to address collectively.

Just to go a little further on it, we are corrupted internally because well as a society we’re damaged and we are to the point where we don’t even care if we are, everything is alright, we fight it with arrogance and done. but human suffering has been the biggest issue for humanity and science (psychology) and religion (beliefs) haven’t been the most accurate solution for it. Accepting that we are currently conditioned to be selfish and, coming back to cryptoland, how that selfishness impacts a project, you could see why people just decide to sell on profit careless if there’s liquidity to support it or not 🤷‍♂️, when we just accumulate bounty stakes and dump them when we have the chance, ICO’s have shown us there’s selfishness issue within all of us. A problem the crypto holder, projects and other stakeholders in the industry face and again I stress that being conditioned to a debt based economy is an issue we need to become more aware of. so if we are all driven by the numbers we’re going to make in our wallets, we are kinda already starting with the wrong foot.

There’s nothing wrong in participating in bounties of course, and seeking profitable business models, you need that for sure, no hesitations. I’m trying to say that we need our participation (as a whole) to be more conscious, caring about the financial incentive and as well as what transcends the need of money. Social problems like education, poverty, security, health have been solved once the need or dependency of money is gone, and nations and individuals use money more consciously. Instead of a form of power, money can be used as a form of unity. The social problem of wealth distribution could be addressed. Could the world accept that? More honest practices across industries and let blockchain technology flourish as we all want? 🕊️

Or…we can just enjoy the ride and flow with the go! 😉

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